Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My name is tobias and I live in  Norway. I am 15 year old.I started  high school at Sandvika a few days ago. I think  I'm only going to write on this blog at  school bescause my teacher said we should make a blog.

I live in Asker with my family. My mom, dad, little brother and little sister. In my spare time after school  i like to play football and be with my friends. i play fotball for vollen and we are not so good. i am also very interested in sports.

Today  my class and I shall go to Nordmarkskappelt. Nordmarkskappelt is a cottage in Nordmarka. We shall sleep there. i think most of the class are looking forward to the trip. i think the trip will  be awesome.

How we get to Normarkskapplet. When the time is  14:00 we takes the train from Sandvika to National Theater. After we arrive at  National Theater we take The Metro to Voksenkollen. When we arrive at Voksenkollen we shall go to Nordmarskappelet. Maby I will takes somes photos from the trip but i doubt it came.

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  1. Nice blog! u got a new subscriber! ;)

  2. Pictures from the trip would be interesting! Hope you had a nice trip!

  3. I think you should take some pictures from your trip. It would provide an interesting way to complete your blog. Plus I would really like to be able to see your country from your point of view.

    1. Thanks for the idea, But when i was on the trip, i forgot to take a pictures.