Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was born in 1971 in Texas, USA. Lance was a professional cyclist. Armstrong has won most of all cyclist in all time. He has won Tour de France sixe times, but now he is take for blood doping.
The Union Cycliste Internationale and USADA had found much of prove to take him for blood doping. In the started of this case USADA was not allow of the Union Cycliste Internationale to investigate about Lance Armstrong was blood doping, but USADA started to investigate this case.
Many of Armstrong old team mates has admitted they have used blood doping with Lance Armstrong. Lance old team mates claims Armstrong have got blood doping in his home and one Italian  Professor have made blood doping to Lance Armstrong. 
The Union Cycliste International  has choose to give Lance Armstrong a punishment. Lance lost all his Tour de France titles and he must repay all money he has won. 
Lance Armstrong has never said he is guilty.
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