Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cycle sport

People call Lance Armstrong a lot of negative things. I mean they should give other people who has been doing blood doping equal negative response as Armstrong has gotten. Very many of the cyclists has taken blood doping, but Lance has gotten more attention than the other cyclists. That is very unfair.

I think this case is very sad for the cycle sport. The cycle sport has had many incidents about blood doping and that is very sad because now people think everyone cheats in cycle sport. People will think that all cyclists are cheating.

I would say the cycling sport has gotten a very bad rumor, because people like Alberto Contador, and many of Lance´s old team mates has been accused for cheating. That is  not good for the cycling sport.

 This text interests me because I like sports and I have been following this incident. This case is very important because Lance Armstrong is one of the best cyclist in the world.
I mean this case is not so important to the society, but I think it´s very important to the cycling world.


  1. It's amazing how people focus on the people in the spotlight of the sport, and attack them for blood doping. Even though there are many other people who do the same think.