Friday, November 9, 2012


The Inuit people are an old people group. They  lives in Russia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

Some of the Inuit live in different places by the season, but most of the Inuit people live in small village. Before the inuit live in igloo and live by hunting and fishing.

The Inuit people can memory on asian people, Because they look like and they talk like. They talk Eskimo. Eskimo is divided into two branches: Yupik and inuit.

Kayak, women`s boat, dog sledge and house of different material and design are very central in inuit culture.  



  1. Nice picture. Do you think the movie gave a realistic picture of how it is to be an Inuit in Alaska!

  2. I think the iniut do something they do in the movie, but they live also diffrent